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Movie Making

Age 14-16 years

Explore your skills in the innovative world of Movie Making. Unleash your inner artist and capture your imagination on camera. If you have kindled an interest in Movie Making, then this competition is an ideal platform for you.

Participants will be given a genre 21 days before the event date, based on which they need to make a Short Film. The film should be related to the given genre. Shortlisted participants should be able to demonstrate the making of the movie with relevant files and software on the day of the event. The jury will select the best movies for the championship award based on

- Relevance of Theme (30%)
- Visual composition / Cinematography (20%)
- Use of Audio Enhancements (sound and music) (20%)
- Editing and use of visual enhancements (20%)
- Meaningfulness / Replay value (10%)

(Team Size – Individual Participant or Max. 5 Members)

Category levels:
- Senior – 14-16 years (Born on or between 1st August 2006- 31st July 2009)

- Short Film Duration: Minimum 1 Minute (60 sec.) Maximum 5 minutes (300 sec.)
*including titles and credits
- Video Format: H264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 preferred
- Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (letterboxed if necessary)
- Resolution: 720p preferred
-Audio Format: MP3 or AAC preferred

- Complete details should be mentioned in the registration form
- Your entry should be submitted before the submission deadline
- Film should not exceed the given time frame
- Upload your film in the highest quality possible
- If any copyrighted content is used, specifying credits are compulsory
- Your entry should not violate any terms and conditions of copyright issues


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