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Age 6-16 years

Coding is one of the important skills in 21st century that has application all around us in daily life. Given a greater emphasis on it in the new education policy, coding helps to develop logical thinking and problem solving capabilities in children from an earlier age. Here is an opportunity for you to ideate and develop efficient programs for given problem statement and prove your coding skills.

Participants will be given a problem statment brief, 21 days prior to the event date. Participants need to solve the problem creatively within the given constraints. They are required to submit a presentation on their design. The jury will select the best design for the championship award based on the below criteria.

- Creativity (20%):
  Originality of the idea, Effective use of technology and tools
- Technical Quality (20%):
  Correctness of syntax and code, Proper indentation and commenting, skill, Optimization
- Functionality (20%):
  Successful working, flowchart, Code efficiency, Clarity of Logic
- Uniqueness (20%):
  Unique coding techniques, Uniqueness of solution
- Relevance (20%):
  Relevance to the problem statement, Relevance to latest trend and technologies in Coding

(Team Size – Individual Participant or Max. 5 Members)

Category levels:
- Beginner – 6-7 years (Born on or between 1st August 2015- 31st July 2017)
- Junior – 8-10 years (Born on or between 1st August 2012- 31st July 2015)
- Middle – 11-13 years (Born on or between 1st August 2009- 31st July 2012)
- Senior – 14-16 years (Born on or between 1st August 2006- 31st July 2009)

- Executable file/Browser application link (Offline/Online)
- Source code files
- Presentation: .PDF Format
- Analysis of the theme
- Concept sketches and flowcharts
- Proposed problem solution
- Justification of how your solution meets the problem/requirement
- Implementation (how will you make your solution reach the users)

- Complete details should be mentioned in the registration form
- Your entry should be submitted before the submission deadline
- You are required to submit a presentation of your solution to problem statement with a detailed logical steps and flowchart , in PDF format only
- The entry submitted must be an original idea for Design Championship, provide references to prove the same
- Although it is not mandatory, but it is advisable to showcase a video of your workflow (Thought process). Submit such videos of less than 90 sec duration or maximum 50mb in size
- If any copyrighted content is used, specifying credits are compulsory
- Your entry should not violate any terms and conditions of copyright issues
- 30-sec to 60-sec video of your final project/Explanation.


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