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No, the previously published designs will not be accepted. Participants need to create a new design on the theme given to them. Participants need to prove their design originality through any medium they wish to

A participant is allowed to participate in two categories at the same time, out of which one category has to be Game Design

Only one Design per entry per submission will be accepted

You can join our Facebook page or visit our website to keep yourself updated

There is no entry fee for this competition

The competition will be held across 8 cities viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Madurai, Coimbatore & Kochi. The Venue of Competition in each city would be informed via Website / Social Media

Yes, The competition is organized annually

The participants can join individually or in a team

  • Industrial Design – Individual or Maximum 3 members
  • Graphic Design – Individual or Maximum 3 members
  • Movie Making – Individual or Maximum 5 members

Game Design – Minimum 2 and Maximum 5 members

The Competition is divided in 2 levels

– Junior level – 09 to 12 yrs,

– Senior level – 13 to 16 yrs

Please refer to the category guidelines of each category

Winning and Runner up team of each category will receive a Trophy and a Certificate and all registered Participants will get a Certificate of Participation

  • Winning Team will receive an Award of Excellence
  • Best work will be printed in MindBox Annual Book
  • Their work will be showcased on Design championship Website
  • Each participant (student/parent) will get a Certificate of participation