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A design is a working solution to a problem or a requirement. If you are strong at ideating and developing new concepts on products, then this is your opportunity to prove the talent.

Participants will be given a Design Brief each (basically, a problem) 15 days prior to the submission date. Participants will be required to solve the problem creatively within the given constraints. They are required to submit a presentation on their design. The jury will select the best design for the championship award based on

  • Creativity (25%): Originality of the idea, use of technology, choice of materials, stand out from the rest
  • Visual Appeal (25%): Choice of colours, proportions, harmony, use of lines & shapes in design, as well as in the Presentation document
  • User Satisfaction (30%): Does the design satisfy the requirements? Is it helping solve the problem? Is it safe to use?
  • Sustainability (20%): Use of economical solutions, recyclable or reusable materials, minimal energy consumption, impact on the environment

Category Levels

  • Junior level – 10 to 12 Yrs (Individual or Maximum 3 members)
  • Senior level – 13 to 16 Yrs (Individual or Maximum 3 members)
  • Family level – Minimum 1 Elder & 1 Kid (Any elder i.e. Parent, Cousin etc) and Maximum 2 Elders & 3 Kids (any category level)


  • Rendered Image: 1280×720, max. 2048×1080
  • Presentation: .PDF Format
    • Analysis of the theme
    • Concept sketches/Drawings
    • Proposed design (multiple angles – focus on details)
    • Justification of how your design meets the problem/requirement
    • Implementation/Marketing Plan (how will you make your design reach the users)


  • Complete details should be mentioned in the registration form
  • Your entry should be submitted before the deadline
  • You are required to submit a presentation of your Design proposal with a detailed process of design from start to end, in PDF format only
  • The entry submitted must be an original idea designed for Design Championship, provide references to prove the same
  • Participants need to carry their own Laptop for the presentation
  • Although it is not mandatory, but it is advisable to carry a video of your Design making process (kind of Behind the Scenes). Submit such videos of less than 90 sec duration or maximum 50mb in size
  • If any copyright content is used, specifying credits is compulsory
  • Your entry should not violate any terms and conditions of copyright issues