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Game Jam Titans, a game development competition open to all students where they refine critical thinking, problem-solving skills, improve reflexes and multitask.

Participants will get a theme seven days prior to the event day on our website/social media sites and will be emailed to registered email ids, based on which students need to develop a PC-based relevant game.  Winner from each city will get a chance to showcase their game at NGDC (NASSCOM GAME DEVELOPER CONFERENCE)

Judging Criteria

  • Relevance of Theme (20%)
  • Fun Engagement (20%)
  • Game Play (40%)
  • WOW Factor (Originality & Creativity) (20%)

Category levels:

  • Junior Level- 9 to 12 years
  • Senior Level- 13 to 16 years

(Each team Min. 2 members Max 5 members)


  • All teams have to bring their own laptop and software for the game. No team will be provided with any hardware and software support at the venue
  •  Any Platform/ Software’s can be used to develop the game
  • Theme of the game will be announced 7 days prior to the competition on website, Social Media & will be Emailed to the registered email id
  • Submit the game on the event day at the game submission counter at the venue via Pen drive
  • Participants Need to Submit executable files (*.exe / *.dmg, Scratch files etc,) of the game.
  • Only one Game Submission Is allowed per team
  • Game must be self-made juries might question the teams to present Project Folder